Thursday, February 6, 2014

Health Promotion

Examine influences and theories of health promotion Factors cost-benefit analysis change in the problem perceived vulnerability we look for cues to action bringing up health promotion Health Belief Model Rosenstock (1950s) detecting High blood pressure screening campaigns often narrate pot who ar at high risk for affection disease and stroke, but who say they seduce non undergo any(prenominal) symptoms. Because they dont feel sick, they may not bow out after instructions to take plus medicine or lose weight. The HBM can be useful for developing strategies to swop with noncompliance in such situations. According to the HBM, asymptomatic quite a little may not honour a positivist harangue regimen unless they accept that, though they have no symptoms, they do in fact have hypertension (perceived susceptibility). They must ascertain that hypertension can lead to heart attacks and strokes (perceived severity). Taking prescribed medication or followi ng a recommended weight spoil program will reduce the risks (perceived benefits) without negative side found or excessive difficulty (perceived barriers). Print materials, reminder letters, or pill calendars might encourage nation to consistently follow their doctors recommendations (cues to action). For those who have, in the past, had a hard time losing weight or maintaining weight loss, a behavioral contract might disciple establish achievable, short-term goals to build confidence (self-efficacy). Evaluation Strengths Weaknesses HBM assumes people are rational, when the evidence is sometimes to the contrary Fast fare loaded with chemicals skunk causes cancer Binge drinking devastation and liver damage Unprotected awake leads to STDs Positive illusions and optimistic of the world, leads them to health risktaking behaviour HBM assumes that the people commission about their health or the health of those who they care for The model ignores physiological det erminism. Kessler (2010) . hatful deliberat! ely alter food to have positive...If you want to bring in a full essay, order it on our website:

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